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Giving back to the open-source community

Our web development service often involves building custom WordPress solutions. We believe Open source is at the very heart of our business model and the ideals and philosophies of open source are ones on which we choose to run our agency.

In recognition of the open-source nature of the WordPress community we make contributing back to it a part of how we work at AvidCoders. We strongly believe that WordPress is only made better by the community working together and we aim to be a core part of that growth by helping to build the community itself as well as local projects and organizations needing help.

WordPress and other open source projects are the very foundation on which we are aiming to build a successful business. While we’re sure we would all be doing just fine and working on something else without WordPress, it’s undeniable that WordPress has played a huge role in the giving us our business a vision. It is only right that we spend at least a small amount of time giving back.

At WordCamp Europe 2014, Matt Mullenweg suggested the idea that companies should contribute 5% of their effort back to the WordPress project:

Matt Mullenweg – Five for the Future

This is a great idea. Also, it highlights the main areas which you can contribute to. These areas are:

How we contributing to WordPress

Though It’s not all about WordPress; We look around and see a lot of wrongs that need to be made right. It’s up to us to make this world a better place for everyone to live in, so we decided to channel 10% of the AvidCoders Private Limited’s income each month into a nonprofit organizations and open source communities.

While AvidCoders are a new player in Indian WordPress Community, As a startup we’ve worked with renowned NGO’s in India, such as AajiChaGhar and Shantidoot Charitable Trust

Proud to be a WordPress Agency & Part of the WordPress Community

We’re proud to call ourselves a WordPress Agency – we live and breathe all things WordPress. We want to ensure, we give back to the community and our beloved CMS various ways 🙂

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