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Theme is the most important part of your website as it marks the first impression on your visitor. If the look and feel of the website is good and appealing, visitors spend more time and decide to move on to the content. There are plenty of good themes available out in the market. Most of them are well coded and follows good SEO practices. Problem starts when you start to modify it to suit your needs. If you are a non-technical person it becomes even harder. Sometimes you can’t find theme that suits your business needs and need some custom solution. So here we come into role.

Here at AvidCoders, we strive hard to offer you world class WordPress Theme Development & Customization services, 100% human-coded and W3C compliant WordPress customized themes.

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The plugin is a very handy feature of WordPress when it comes to extending the functionality of your website.  Also similar to themes, there are many plugins available in the market, both free and paid. Most of the plugins solve general problems faced by many users.  Consider, you want a form to subscribe users to your newsletter, there are some good plugins available which can solve your problem. But what if you need something tailored specifically to suit your business needs. Say, you are an author. Your book contains some formulas based on which you want your website visitors to give some kind of assessment and then show or email them their results.  That’s when we come into the picture!

Here at AvidCoders, we strictly follow WordPress codex standards & implement it in our plugin development to expand your website’s functionality. We assure versatile and powerful WordPress Plugin development at a minimal cost.

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If website maintenance does not excite you, you need to rethink on how serious you are about your website. If you are just a passionate blogger or a company which does not depend much on your website to make your sale, you may not need this. But if you are professional blogger whose primary source of income is through the website or a company which mostly make sales through website, you must have a maintenance plan. Website maintenance mostly includes daily backups, speed improvement, plugin and theme updates, eliminating security threats, uptime monitoring, and many more services.

Here at AvidCoders, we take care of your maintenance headaches, in addition to our development services, We handle maintenance, while you focus on growing your business, just rely on our comprehensive and quality support.

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If you own a website, you may already know how much a good SEO and Content can boost your website traffic. Good SEO practices help you secure higher ranking in search results than your competitors. Appealing and user-centric content helps a visitor to stay longer on your website and visit back frequently. For a company, the product-centric content can help the visitors understand more about your product and services. An impressive content always does good branding for your business and it’s helpful for business growth.

Here at AvidCoders, we offer professional Content Writing, SEO Solutions, Article Content Writing, Ghost Writing, Blog Content Writing, Creative Writing at a minimal cost.

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Responsive design is the need of the hour. Your website should look great on all type of devices, and we make it sure!

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If you took one of our maintenance plans, you already experienced it. We also optimize your website to load fast even on slow connections.

Optimized Code

We follow best coding practices and standards. Our code is clean, well documented, easy to understand, and optimized!

Variable Content

Gone are those days, when WordPress was just used for blogs. We can accomodate any content under the WordPress hood, just name it!

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